help deleting media

I 'm a teacher administering a bunch of student accounts. Over time, the kids have uploaded several hundred pieces of media of all kinds, and we’re reaching our storage limit, so I want to delete some. Deleting individual items would take weeks, so I’m trying to delete folders, but invariably get the message “media in use in some of the edits below.” Is there any way to delete media not in use, or a way to see which media are in use without having to attempt to delete them and only then getting the message? I really wish I could see the media in a list, then select whatever I want to delete, and do so with one click. How would you clean up your media if you were me? Thanks.

Hey Stuart, did you ever get any answers on your question? I am wondering the same thing.

I have always manually deleted media and I run into the same issue. One thing I do when managing projects is download finished videos to my archive and delete the projects. This makes it difficult to go back and make changes so make sure the videos are completely finished. Once the project is deleted you can delete the media used in the video without the warning. Always make sure you have the media archived on a hard drive somewhere in case you want to use it again somewhere else.